aangeboden: Meade LXD75 Newton 6

Meade LXD75 Newton 6" 150/750 GOTO telescope and mount

Newton 6" 150/750 telescope: This versatile Newtonian reflecting telescope provides both beginners and more experienced amateur astronomers plenty of light and high stability for a very modest price. It collects so much light with its generous 150mm diameter that distant DSOs such as the Ring Nebula in Lyra or the Dumbbell Nebula become beautifully visible and globular clusters, such as M13, resolve into a multitude of individual stars at their edges. Planetary observing provides rich detail in images of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. The f5 focal ratio means this reflector falls into the class of fast Newtonian telescopes. This telescope is therefore particularly suitable for astrophotography. The light gathering capacity of the 150 is 460 times greater than that of the naked eye alone (with a 7mm fully dilated pupil).

This set consists of:

Meade Mount LXD75
Meade Telescope Newton 6" 150/750 LXD75 OTA
Meade Dual Axis Motor Drive for LXD75 with Autostar 497 handcontroller for GOTO
Meade LXD75 Polar Alignment Scope

AutoStar 497:

One of the most important advances in telescope control is the Meade #497 Autostar Computer Controller turns your mount and telscope into an automatic celestial object locating system. Just plug the Autostar into the telescopes HBX port in place of the standard-equipment Electronic Controller, do a quick (less than one minute!) telescope alignment, and youre ready to observe any object in the Autostars 30,000-object database.

Also included in the package:

20mm meade plossl
SVBONY 1.25" UV/IR Filter for CCD Camera with Webcam Adaptator
SVBONY Aspherical Eyepiece HD Wide Angle 62 Degrees Lens 4/10/23mm Fully Coated for 1.25"
SVBONY Plössl Eyepiece Telescope 1.25 "40mm Fully Multi Green Coated Metal for Monoclar
SVBONY 1.25"" UV/IR Filter

Mogelijke uitbreidig is de risingtech astrocamera met de sony imx224c cmos chip. Met cooler, LPR filter en x0.5 focal reducer. Opleg hiervoor is 100 euro (zie mijn andere aanbiedingen voor meer info)
De totale prijs wordt dan 550 euro

Telescoop met montering

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