aangeboden: Telvue Nagler 9 mm type 1 oculair

nieuwstaat...alle doppen en doos.
TeleVue Nagler 9mm Type 1, dual barrel, 82-degree APV

This EP has adapters which makes it much more secure in a 2-inch focuser, and allows use of the EP in some focusers that are just too short. I had a 2-inch star diagonal that I couldnt use this EP with because the 1 1/4" tube would hit the mirror. With the adapters, I dont have to push it in so far. It just makes for a better fit all around. The adapter can be removed by loosening the allen screw in the side of the barrel. I will include an allan wrench for the little set screw, so you can remove the adapter if you only use this EP with 1 1/4" focusers. This is a heavy EP, like most of the Televue EPs so dont be surprised at the weight!

Wim Bocanete
Oculair, Diagonaal, Andere Toebehoren aan oculairzijde

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