aangeboden: complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain

I am selling my complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain, near the Portugal border.
The location has an average Clear nights per year of about 250-270 and an SQM of 22 or more.
It has unlimited Internet up and download with fiber glass connections.
See here for more info about their details: https://www.entreencinasyestrellas.es/en/hosting/
The location is rented on a 1, 2 or 3-yearly basis and you’ll have your own roof to control.
You can ask me the rent price in a private message.
All is controlled by remote acces like AnyDesk.

On the photo’s there also used to be a TEC-140 installed, that telescope has been sold.
It is removed from the photo’s
This are the items that are all included in the purchase (I will put the price I paid in brackets behind it):

* CFF 185 mm APO in Perfect condition
Core glass used – FPL55;
Clear aperture – 185 mm;
Focal length – 1260 mm; 
Focal ratio – 6.8;
3.5” Starlight focuser (18 790 Euro)
* CFF Field Corrector, Corrected Field = 55 mm; (650 euro)
* Paramount ME Robotic mount, Including 2 Paramount weights and one third party weight (14.500 euro)
* Skywatcher guiding Telescope 80mm/F=600 mm (200 euro)
* SBIG STL-11000 full frame 24x36 mm cooled mono astro camera, with build in guide chip, cools -30 degrees below ambient (4000 euro)
* Finger Lake Instruments 7 positions 2” filterwheel FLI-CFW2-7 (1780 euro)
Inside filterwheel are 7 filters:
Astrodon 3nm Ha 2” (1084 euro)
Astrodon 3nm OIII 2” (1084 euro)
Astrodon 3nm SII 2” (1084 euro)
Baader LRGB 2” (600 euro)
* Guiding camera in guiding scope: Lodestar-1 (450 euro)

etc, ask me for details

A total new value of 51.438 euro

Asking Price = a good offer starting at 25.000 euro.
Offers MUST be done in Private Messages.
Transfer can be done in Spain if wanted.

Pictures taken wit the CFF-185 can be seen here: https://www.astrobin.com/users/AbreLosOjos/

Complete SETUP can be purchased INCLUDING or EXCLUDING the hosting in Spain.

een bod
Andre van Zegveld
Telescoop met montering

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