aangeboden: Baader Digital Camera T-adapter en DT-Ring SP54 / M52a en DSLR-2

Te Koop: Baader Digital Camera T-adapter en DT-Ring SP54 / M52a

The adapter allows attaching cameras without exchangeable lenses to eyepieces and adapters with T2 thread. Cameras with other filter threads can be adapted via digital Hyperion adapters. The adapters can be found in the accessories section.


Baader number: #2458040
The adapter extends the T2 thread to the M54x0.75 thread.
T2 (M42x0.75) thread (female)
M54x0.75 thread (male) - filter thread
Optical path: 8 mm without male thread
Ideal for attaching digital cameras to eyepieces and adapters with T2 thread

Prijs: 10,- euro.

Te Koop: Baader DSLR-2" Filter Holder M48 / SP54

Many astronomical filter-designs are perfectly suited for use with a DSLR-camera lens. Here we explain how to do this.

Our largest cell mounted filters measure 2" in mechanical diameter (having a metric thread of M48). The clear aperture is 46 mm.

In order to ease the adaptation of our 2" filters onto most camera lenses, we produce a general-adapter, to convert from the ASTRO-2" Standard (M48) into a more common photo-standard of SP54 mm. This ring is named: DSLR 2" FilterHolder M48/SP54 (item #2408166).

Individual lens adapters for most camera-lens threads are available to fit onto this filter holder. Larger lens threads may be utilized by adding another 62 mm stepper-ring.


Allows mounting of Baader 2" filters
Needs Hyperion DT-rings #2958028 - 2458062 and additional Stepper Rings M67 up to M82
All Baader 2" filters in version M48 thread can be customised with specific extension tubes on almost all DSRL lenses.

Prijs: 10,- euro.

10 euro
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