aangeboden: Uniek, zeldzaam, museumwaardig “Celestial Sphere Star Globe”

Uniek, zeer zeldzaam, maar ook museumwaardig en educatieve “Celestial Sphere Star Globe” handgemaakt door Spherical Concepts. Celestial Solar Modular System uit 1986.

Afmetingen: 16" wide / 19" high: zo’n 45 cm (breed) bij 50 cm (hoogte).
Vraagprijs : n.o.t.k.

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Handmade 1986 Starship Earth Celestial Sphere Star Globe. Spherical Concepts, Inc. (SCI) was founded in 1981 by John Szal and Mark Buikema. Each Starship Earth Globe is individually hand crafted from acrylic with over 40 different hand operations to complete.
• 36 page instruction booklet written by George Lovi Components include the outer Celestial Globe. Interior moveable sun ball along its ecliptic path. Sun ball control knob at the top of the outer globe. Horizon ring is adjustable by reaching through the access port in the outer globe has a compass rose printed on its top surface indicating degrees of azimuth. The Earth Globe in the center shows major geographic locations in each time zone with latitude and longitude lines. The base is designed to hold the globe and allow easy access to all parts. Great aged condition. All lettering and labeling is printed on the inside of the globe and shows minimal wear. Marked Spherical Concepts 1986 on the side of sphere.


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