aangeboden: TS 0.8x SCT corrrector/reducer

Deze uitstekende reducer/flattener geeft een APS-C comavrij beeldveld voor klassieke Celestron/ Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopen.
Artikelnummer : TSSCKorr2
Website: https://www.astroshop.eu/field-flatteners-other-photo-accessories/ts-optics-2-corrector-and-0-8x-reducer-for-sc/p,22981

2" Reducer and image corrector for Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes
0,8x Reducer and flattener for all f/10 and f/11 Schmidt-Cassegrains
2" body diameter - the corrector can be inserted completely in a 2" focuser or a 2" visual back adaptor.
can be adapted to all Schmidt Cassegrains from 6" to 16" aperture.
M48 filter thread on both sides. A large selection of adaptors is available for virtually all applications and setups.
97.5mm back focus behind the base of the M48 male thread. This provides sufficient space for additional accessories such as off axis guiders or filter wheels.
high performance three-lens design, very good coating. No ghost images or internal reflections.
The TS SC Corrector can be used on all Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes
The corrector was designed for optimum results with all common Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. It removes field curvature and coma. The result is a superb image quality throughout the full photographical field of view. Theoretically the corrector could even be used visually if you keep the right distance between the corrector and the field stop of the eyepiece.
Important Detail:
The distance from the M48 thread of the corrector to the position of the sensor of your camera needs to be precisely 97.5mm.

Afbeelding 2: spot size SCT zonder reducer
Afbeelding 3: spot size SCT met reducer

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