aangeboden: 12 Custom RC with Rotator and autoflat-cover.

12 Custom RC with Rotator and autoflat-cover.

Im selling this very heavilly customized RC telescope by GSO.
As we all know, these scopes are optically very nice, but mechanics suck big time.

This one has upgrades made by Gemini Telescopes, a professional telescope workshop in Italy.
Basically this made for fully remote sessions, it can rotate camera and take flats by itself.


-Custom made mirrorcell/scope mechanics by Gemini Telescopes
-Custom mirroheater/ventilation system
-Integra 85 Rotator-focuser ()
-SnapCap with EL-panel ()
-Additional dovetail plates for accessory

Scope performs superb and collimation holds like forever. Scope collimate with Takahashi tool.

My Recommendation is to check scope via videocall and pictures demonstrating everything is in order.Then doing a contract for which both ends plan and agree.

Integra 85 1800
SnapCap 730
GSO RC 12" 3718
Mirrocel and re-design of mechanics, testing over 2000

Total Spending for this scope 8 248 Euros, you can have this for 4600 euros.

Some high resolution shots:

More info on phone, whatsapp and email.

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